Planetary Gigs Society

Making Connections through Music with the Intention of Creating Peace

Planetary Gigs Society is a nonprofit charitable organization with the mission of Making Connections through Music with the Intention of Creating Peace.  The Society will provide resources and information about the power of music and organizations that are promoting music and musicians.  The Society also sponsors a podcast called Planetary Gig Talk - Tales of Music and Magic.

Public Policy

The Society takes public policy positions that will promote more music and that support musicians, including:

Universal Healthcare – so that musicians do not have to worry about their health coverage and financial implications, but can focus on music.

Universal Basic Income – so that musicians can count on a certain basic level of income and do not have to work menial jobs instead of devoting full time to music.

Stronger Copyright Laws – to protect copyrighted works of musicians that will generate income for musicians.

Music Education – in the schools so that children will reap the benefits of learning music, which helps them in other academic pursuits, as well as music education for adults.

Accessible Music Venues – meaning that appropriate places for musical performances and gigs, house concerts and the use of church space in particular, will be more available so that musicians don’t have to play for pennies in bars.

Restoration of Urban Areas – such as the many small towns that have declined because of large corporations, with the intention that music can fill those towns with hope and energy.