Planetary Gigs Society

Making Connections through Music with the Intention of Creating Peace

Planetary Gigs Society is a nonprofit charitable organization with the mission of Making Connections through Music with the Intention of Creating Peace.  The Society will provide resources and information about the power of music and organizations that are promoting music and musicians.  The Society also sponsors a podcast called Planetary Gig Talk - Tales of Music and Magic.


The Planetary Gigs Society is a nonprofit charitable and educational organization, which is tax exempt as a charitable organization under Section 501(c)(3), and which will act as a catalyst promoting music, musicians, and music lovers so they will become more prominent, ubiquitous, and influential around the world.  Humans have experienced too much conflict and division throughout history, and music is a powerful healing force – perhaps the most powerful!  Music can change moods and perspectives, but there has not been adequate attention or focused intention to address global needs on a collective basis.  At this time, now, we need music more than ever.

The Society’s main purpose is making connections through music, but with the avowed intention of creating a community doing good things for humanity and the entire planet using music as our energy.  Many individuals (including incredible musicians and music lovers) and organizations are already doing amazing work in making music and promoting various aspects of music.  Musicians and music lovers understand the power of music, and science is proving them right.  The recent explosion of scientific research on music and the brain is demonstrating how powerful and important music is to human evolution and progress.  But it will take concerted effort and intention to yield results that can positively affect the course of history.  The Society will connect interested individuals, companies, and organizations in a win-win approach to achieve beneficial outcomes.  The Society intends to help create a community of people who believe music can make a difference.  Imagine peace through music.

The Society will seek participation from anyone interested in helping; there will be no dues or membership required. The Society is seeking substantial grants and contributions from all levels of Society.  The Society will encourage support for music related organizations and help put various and eclectic aspects of music into action, such as the “Slow Music” movement, “Blues in the Schools,” scientific research on music and the brain, music therapy, the important synergies of jazz and physics, and other benefits of music.  The Society will support access to other important organizations that promote music, such as Up With People, Playing for Change, Archie’s Blues Barbershop, Concerts in Your Home, and other similar organizations and companies. 

The Society will also take public policy positions to support music and musicians, such as enhanced music education in schools and for adults around the world, universal basic income to support musicians and artists, hassle free travel for musicians and artists, and free or low cost health coverage for all musicians.

The Society will focus on making available resources to help promote the power of music, including identifying books, movies, articles, podcasts, and other sources that can help educate people to the wonders and magic of music.  We hope to ultimately produce documentaries, video shows and podcasts, and interactive websites with the purpose of encouraging peace through music.

The Society has also created a new program known as the We’ll Be There Foundation for the purpose of providing funds to students who want to join the Up With People organization programs as cast members.  Up With People is a nonprofit global education and arts organization whose goal is to bridge cultural barriers and create global understanding through service and music, with 21,000+ alumni, forming a network of people and communities around the world.

Thank you for your support!  We believe we’ll succeed, because all we have to do is make connections through music, with the intention of creating peace.  We can do it!

Founders and Board of Directors:

Jefferson Glassie—Chief Spiritual Dude

Tara Gorman—Goddess of Awesomeness

Stan Orr—Doctor Strum

Band of Advisors:

Blake Althen

Ben Potok—Tech Guru

Eric Weinberg—Professor Mojo