Planetary Gigs Society

Making Connections through Music with the Intention of Creating Peace

Planetary Gigs Society is a nonprofit charitable organization with the mission of Making Connections through Music with the Intention of Creating Peace.  The Society will provide resources and information about the power of music and organizations that are promoting music and musicians.  The Society also sponsors a podcast called Planetary Gig Talk - Tales of Music and Magic.


We sure could use your financial support! The Planetary Gigs Society does not sell products or services, but rather devotes all resources to our core mission: making connections through music with the intention of creating peace. We are working on that by publicizing and supporting other organizations, by providing resources about the power of music, and sparking creation of a community that believes music can make a difference in our world. We also are supporting a new podcast, music makes us – tales of peace and magic, to evoke the experiences and wisdom of musicians and music lovers.

But we still need funds to operate and improve our ability to provide the resources need to achieve our mission. So, please contribute funds to the extent you can by clicking the link and entering amount for the appropriate level:

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Donations to the Planetary Gigs Society and to the We’ll Be There Foundation are tax deductible to donors as charitable contributions. The Society has obtained tax exempt status under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. If you want your contribution to go specifically for the We’ll Be There Foundation to support kids participating in Up With People, please note that on your contribution. The Society also relies on corporate sponsorships from companies, organizations, or others.